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Celtic Scotland

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This is a trip throughout Kilmartin Glen in the beautiful county area of Argyll, the old kingdom of Dal Riata.

Dal Riata kingdom, the old kingdom of the gaels with most the prehistoric and Celtic remains in Scotland. We'll find cairns, standing stones circles, strange marks carved on rocks, duns (old Celtic strongholds) and Dunadd, the powerful stronghold of the kingdom and its center of spirituality. There, the kings of Dal Riata were inaugurates, keeping their foot over a footprint carved in a rock to symbolize their union and respect for the earth.

The gaels of Dal Riata spoke Gaelic, and were the Celtic tribe who made Alba; the origin that we know today as Scotland.

On the route we explore their dark origins, find out who they were and their way of life, walking their old land, one of the most beautiful Scottish landscapes.

Welcome to the origins.

Welcome to the Celtic world.



Start: 9 am at Lochgilphead´s bús stop.

End: 1 pm at Lochgilphead´s bús stop.

What's it necessary to bring?

Sport shoes or trekking boots. Comfortable clothes. Rainjacket
Backpack with food and water, we'll have our lunch surrounded by the wilderness.

How difficult is the route?

10 kms itinerary over flat ground and small hills mainly.
No problem for people with normal fitness.

How to get to Loghilphead?

By CAR from from Edinburgh going to Glasgow - Loch Lomond - Tarbet - Inveraray - Lochgilphead.

By BUS from Glasgow going to Lochgilphead with the bus company Citylink (www.citylink.co.uk).

By TRAIN going to Oban and here you can rent a car until Lochgilphead. (www.scotrail.com)


£15 per person.

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